Artist Bio

Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin, a Haitian-American artist, infused her life with meaning with each hardship she had to face. Her first-hand tangencies with abuse, teenage pregnancy, family mental illness and immigration served to shape her into a complex, multifaceted person whose art evokes the depths of the human

Ingrid’s work is born at the juncture of her interests in African spirituality, female empowerment, social justice and mental health. Born in New York and raised in Florida, Ingrid has delved into a vast array of behind-the-scenes investigations of what
it means to be a black American, a woman and a scholar in different social circles across the country. Ingrid has long been drawn to what lies behind appearances – and her portraiture work uncovers the beauty of people of color, the value of hardships and the potentiality of our shared experiences. 

 A versed artist, Ingrid began exploring drawing and graffiti art from a young age, acquiring diverse skills with time. Today, her works harmoniously combine a mastery in acrylic and oil painting, graffiti art, drawing and film photography. She captures the often-conflicting expanse of human emotions, including shared experiences of pain and love, through oil paintings on canvas, street art and film photography. Ingrid aims to take negative experiences and transform them into positive and joyful artworks.

Ingrid’s dedicated art
practice led to, among others, an exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Museum of Art in South Africa and a graffiti art collaboration with Collin Kaepernick with his nonprofit Know Your Rights Camp.

Last Summer, she completed
her first 4-month long artist in residency program in Brooklyn NY at the Carrie Able Gallery. Recently, Ingrid traveled to US Virgin Islands in St. Croix at the St. Croix Educational Complex to create a mural and have a community paint day. Ingrid has also worked with Senator Jon Ossoff and Branded Arts to create art
campaigns and murals to fight voter suppression and advocate for equal voting rights in Atlanta GA. Her biggest mural to date is a 52-ft Mural commissioned by Adult and her most recent commission was by NFL Films for former NBA legend Vince
Carter’s ESPN show Vince’s Places.

Her long-term goal as an artist is to be an art educator and to continue doing work that focuses on building community and creating work that uplifts and brings people together.